Poisson 2006
Poisson Geometry in Mathematics and Physics
Tokyo, June 5 - 9, 2006

Pratical information
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Transportation and directions

Tokyo and its metropolitan area have a complex network of transportation, partly due to the coexistence of several companies operating their own lines. Trains and subways are certainly the most convenient way to commute in Tokyo.
Click here for general information on Tokyo subway system.

Maps: [Subway] [Railways lines in Greater Tokyo] [JR Railways lines in Greater Tokyo]

From Narita airport to the conference site (NYC)

There are several ways to get to the NYC from Narita. In any case you need first to reach Shinjuku station.

1) The most convenient, but also the most expensive way to Shinjuku station is to take the JR Narita Express (NEX) from Narita airport. It is a 85-minute ride to Shinjuku and it costs about 3200 JPY. [timetable] [Shinjuku station map]

At Shinjuku station, exit the JR part of the station, transfer to the Odakyu Line and get off at Sangubashi station (3-minute ride). You would need to buy a ticket (120 JPY) at the vending machine for the Odakyu Line and when arrived at Sangubashi station take the exit No 4.

How to get to the conference site from Sangubashi station?   [Click here]

If you prefer to take a taxi to the Conference site, show this to the driver. [click here]

2) A cheaper option would be to ride a train on the JR Sobu Line to Tokyo station. It costs about 1300 JPY and takes about 85 minutes. At Tokyo station, tranfer to the JR Chuo Line for Shinjuku station (15-minute ride).

3) An alternative would be to take the Keisei Skyliner from Narita to Ueno station and then tranfer to the JR Yamanote Line to Shinjuku station.

4) It is also possible take a limousine bus from Narita to Shinjuku station. Depending on the traffic condition it may take 80 to 120 minutes to get to the West part of Shinjuku station where many hotels are located. It costs about 3000 JPY. The nearest stop to NYC is the Shinjuku Washington Hotel. [timetable]

Other possible ways to reach Shinjuku station from Narita airport are here.

From NYC to Hiyoshi campus

Take the Keio bus juku 51 bound for Shibuya station. The bus stop name is Yoyogi go-chome (go stands for 5) and is located right in front of the NYC. It costs 200 JPY.

Keio is the company operating that bus route and is not related with Keio university. ;)

At Shibuya station, take the Tokyu Toyoko Line (take either a local or express train to Hiyoshi station, limited express trains do not stop at Hiyoshi). It takes about 20 minutes and costs 210 JPY by express train from Shibuya to Hiyoshi. [Hiyoshi campus] The school will be held at the Raiosha building (No 10 on the map) (The East exit of Hiyoshi station is just at the entrance of the Hiyoshi campus.)

Note On your way back to NYC from Shibuya, the stop for the Keio bus juku 51 (bound for Shinjuku station) is located at the West exit of Shibuya station (bus stop No 14).

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