Poisson 2006
Poisson Geometry in Mathematics and Physics
Tokyo, June 5 - 9, 2006

Previous conferences
Poisson 2006 will be the fifth in a series of international conferences on Poisson geometry. The previous conferences took place at:
Organizing committee: J.-P. Dufour (Montpellier), J. Grabowski (Warsaw), A. Weinstein (Berkeley),
S. Zakrzewski (Warsaw), M. Zhitomirskii (Haifa).
Organizing committee: J.-P. Dufour (Montpellier), Y. Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Palaiseau).
Organizing committee: A. Cannas da Silva (Lisbon), M. Tribolet de Abreu (Lisbon), R. L. Fernandes (Lisbon).
Organizing committee: G. Kass (Luxembourg), C. Molitor-Braun (Luxembourg), N. Poncin (Luxembourg),
M. Schlather (Luxembourg), M. Schlichenmaier (Luxembourg).