home program participants

Due to regulations of the host institution, the school will be entirely held online.

The registration is now closed. A zoom link valid for the entire event has been sent to the participants. In case you have not received the mail, please check your spam folder.

Contact: letelierschool@gmail.com

A few slides of the lectures can be found in the program page.

Videos of the lectures are available on the YouTube channel of school: Videos


Ugo Bruzzo  ●  UFPB, Brazil -- SISSA, Italy

McKay correspondence in 3 dimensions:
Between algebraic geometry, differential geometry, and physics

Luiz Agostinho Ferreira  ●  IFSC, Brazil

Hidden symmetries

Radouane Gannouji  ●  PUCV, Chile

Ostrogradsky instability

Maurício Richartz  ●  UFABC, Brazil

Introduction to Black hole perturbation theory


Daniel Grumiller  ●  TU Wien, Austria

Vladislav Kuprianov  ●  UFABC, Brazil

Nikita Nekrasov  ●  SCGP, USA

Organizing Committee

Giuseppe Dito  ●  Université de Bourgogne, France

Júlio César Fabris  ●  UFES, Brazil

Paulo Afonso Faria da Veiga  ●  USP, Brazil

Dmitry Melnikov  ●  UFRN, Brazil

Aleksandr Pinzul  ●  UnB, Brazil

Dmitry Vassilevich  ●  UFABC, Brazil



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