Thematic year on
Perspectives in Deformation Quantization
and Noncommutative Geometry

April 2010 --- March 2011
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Kyoto University, Japan
The thematic year will include the following events.
April 26-28, 2010Opening Meeting (RIMS, Kyoto University)
May 10-14, 2010Hayashibara Forum: Symplectic Geometry, Noncommutative Geometry and Physics (MSRI, Berkeley, USA)
October 18-21, 2010 Workshop on Noncommutative Geometric Approach to the Index Theory for Singular Spaces (Kansai Seminar House) [Group picture]
November 1-5 and November 8-12, 2010 RIMS International Conference on Noncommutative Geometry and Physics
Hayashibara forum on Symplectic Geometry, Noncommutative Geometry and Physics
[Group picture 1] [Group picture 2] [Group picture 3]
November 6, 2010 Hayashibara Forum: Public Lectures (Kyoto University)
November 23, 2010 The 8th Takagi Lectures by Alain Connes and Sergei Gukov
November 25-26, 2010 Workshop on Noncommutative Geometry and Number Theory
February 21-23, 2011Closing Meeting (RIMS, Kyoto University)
 There will be introductory Lecture Series by Boris Tsygan (Northwestern University) during the spring term and by Ryszard Nest (University of Copenhagen) during the fall term. Both lecture series will be given at RIMS, Kyoto University.
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