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9:00-10:00 U. Bruzzo (1) V. Frolov (2) O. Piattella (3) A.S. Cattaneo (1) S. Carrozza(2)
10:00-11:00 V. Frolov (1) O. Piattella (2) U. Bruzzo (3) S. Carrozza (1) A.S. Cattaneo (3)
11:00-11:30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:30-12:30 O. Piattella (1) U. Bruzzo (2) V. Frolov (3) A.S. Cattaneo (2) S. Carrozza (3)
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The booklet of abstracts is here.


Ugo Bruzzo: Resolving finite quotient singularities by Kähler quotients

Sylvain Carrozza: Entanglement in random tensor networks

Alberto S. Cattaneo: BV pushforward and applications

Valeri Frolov: Selected topics in black hole physics

Oliver F. Piattella: Introduction to cosmology


Andrzej Borowiec: Chameleon Dark Matter in extended Λ-CDM model

Júlio C. Fabris: On Unimodular Gravity

Yaghoub Heydarzade: New Classes of Spherically Symmetric, Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models

Breno Loureiro Giacchini: Structure of horizons and mass gaps of Lee--Wick black holes

Simony Santos Da Costa: Extended gravity models for inflation in light of the CMB data

Ilya Shapiro: New results on the conformal anomaly and anomaly-induced effective action of gravity

Ronaldo Thibes: Generating BRST and BRST-related symmetries in a prototypical first-class system

Alexander Vikman: Stable Ghosts

Short talks

Gabriele Bianchi: Inequivalent Definitions of Mass in Modified Theories of Gravity

Matteo Fontana: Implications of conical singularities for cosmological observations

Federico Scali: Asymptotically Schwarzschild solutions in f(R) theory of gravity