The time schedule refers to Burundi time zone (UTC+2)
Venue: Campus de l'Ecole doctorale

First week --- July 19-23

Program of the opening ceremony.

Introductory course 1. G. Dito: Mathematical aspects of Quantum mechanics

Introductory course 2. K. Kangni: Lie groups and Lie algebras

Advanced course 1. L. Gouba: The role of group theory in coherent states and coherent states quantization

Second week --- July 26-30

Program of Friday July 30: Kick-off Meeting for the International
Postdoctorate Research Program in Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Introductory course 3. J.-P. Gazeau: Illustration of Lie group theory with real matrices of order two

Advanced course 2. V. Futorny: Representations of Lie algebras

Advanced course 3. A. Wade: Lie algebroids and Lie groupoids in Poisson geometry