This event will celebrate Masaki Kashiwara’s 70th birthday and, in particular, his outstanding contribution to algebraic analysis. One goal of the conference is to cover recent developments in the field of Algebraic Analysis and related topics. We do hope that this meeting would allow young researchers, from France and abroad, working in this field to interact with leading experts on the themes of the conference.

Conference Masaki Kashiwara

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Giuseppe Dito   ●   Université de Bourgogne

Maxim Kontsevich   ●   IHÉS

Pierre Schapira   ●   Université Paris 6


Anton Alekseev   ●   Université de Genève

Philip Boalch   ●   Université Paris-Sud

Anna Cadoret   ●   École polytechnique

Giovanni Felder   ●   ETH Zürich

Edward Frenkel   ●   UC Berkeley

Julien Grivaux   ●   Aix-Marseille Université & IHÉS

Stéphane Guillermou   ●   Université Grenoble Alpes

Mikhail Kapranov   ●   IPMU, The University of Tokyo

Masaki Kashiwara   ●   RIMS, Kyoto University

Maxim Kontsevich   ●   IHÉS

Takuro Mochizuki   ●   RIMS, Kyoto University

Motohico Mulase   ●   UC Davis

Hiraku Nakajima   ●   RIMS, Kyoto University

Marco Robalo   ●   Université Paris 6

Raphaël Rouquier   ●   UCLA

Takeshi Saito   ●   The University of Tokyo

David Treumann   ●   Boston College

Michèle Vergne   ●   Université Paris 7

Gabriele Vezzosi   ●   Università di Firenze

Tony Yue Yu   ●   Université Paris-Sud